Sound Speeds

After a film goes through all of the steps of pre-production and production, it’s time to edit, and once that starts happening, it’s also time to think about post-production sound. Sound plays a major role in filmmaking, not just during the production process, but afterwards, when sound designers and editors get down into the knitty-gritty, … More Sound Speeds

Do Your Own Thing

A director is in charge of making sure pretty much every creative aspect of the film completes his vision. He takes a screenplay and brings it to life while bringing out performances from actors, styles from cinematographers, sets and artistic elements from production designers, music and sound elements from composers and sound designers, and using … More Do Your Own Thing

Let’s get personal.

Living in Oblivion by Tom DiCillo, and starring well-known actors such as Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener Dermot Mulroney, Kevin Corrigan and more, is a film about the making of a no-budget film, and all of the stress-inducing elements that could go wrong during this process that ultimately lead to utter delirium in the minds of … More Let’s get personal.